There is still some good in the world-thankfully

This will be one final shoutout to Disney for the great experience that we had. But after what happened, it goes even further than that.

After walking through our front upon return from our vacation, we realized that we had left some very valuable items on the night table next to the bed in our hotel room. These items were both valuable financially, as well as emotionally. What a horrible, empty feeling realizing that we were helpless in determining whether or not someone had found them or taken them after we left.

We frantically called the hotel and described the valuables and asked if anyone had found them. Luckily, not only had someone found them in our room, but they were honest enough to return them and we found out they were locked up in a safe waiting for the owners to discover they were missing.

As we speak, our valuables are on a plane back home. I could make this a story about business and customer service, but it is really about human nature and the fact there are still good, honest people in the world. The person who found our valuables could have easily taken them and probably would have never been found out, but instead decided to do the right thing. We are grateful to that person. We have their name and will shown our appreciation appropriately.

If you ever get frustrated or down with the world, just remember that there are good people out there, so don’t get too discouraged.

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