Thinking Big

Thinking big means:

– Getting out of your comfort zone, conquering self-esteem issues and recognizing that you can't grow by doing more of the same, but only by changing your world view
– Acting instead of thinking about acting and being more assertive in going after what you want. Taking a single step in the right direction will help overcome fear and procrastination
– Being a thought leader by thinking bigger and more boldly, using big words (breakthrough, dramatic, extraordinary) and setting the pace for others
– Realizing that no idea is too big
– Collaborating and innovating with clients to develop game-changing ideas, not just solving problems
– Not waiting for an excuse to reward yourself and doing what you want to do, the way you want to do it
– Surrounding yourself with the best and the brightest people and eliminating people and things that don't align with your personal and professional development

Are you approaching your business by thinking bigger?

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