Time management

Are you productive with your time? Do you find yourself going to meetings and afterward asking yourself 'what was the point of that meeting?' It happens to the best of us.

Here are three things you can do to create more time in your day:

1. Only attend meetings with a clear agenda and objectives to be met. Otherwise it is a time drag;

2. Schedule blocks of time in your day. By blocking off time to work on specific initatives, you ensure that you will complete the most important tasks;

3. Delegate as much as possible. Is it time well spent being online for 30 minutes checking for the cheapest airline? What about creating graphics for a powerpoint presention? Formatting of a Word document? Delegate these activities to someone else.

Time is precious and we should be doing everything we can to create more of it.

To find out more ways to create time, listen to my teleconference on time management posted on my website.

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