Trying New Things

As I sit by the window, overlooking the peaceful Muskoka lake where we are vacationing, it makes me think how important it is to try different things once in a while and get ourselves out of our comfort zone. You do not need to make radical changes, but trying new things keeps you interested and excited. This is the same for businesses. A colleague of mine was having trouble attracting new clients so he decided to do something radically different, which ended up working well for him. When you are successful, figure out what it is that is making you successful and continue to do it, when you stop being successful, figure out what has changed and change with it, if you have never been successful try something completetly different because what you have been doing is obviously not working.

We all have a choice on how we want to grow as people and as business leaders, so take any opportunity you can to try new things and new approaches.

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