U2 Shows Us the Power of a Brand

I was at the U2 concert the other night and what an amazing show they put on. What struck me was not only how they have been at the top of their game for more than 20 years, but the amount of influence they have over the crowd. At one point, the entire band stopped singing, lowered the volume of their instruments and let the crowd take over. The crowd started reluctantly singing, and then got louder and louder as they realized what was happening and become more in the moment. The crowd sang more than half the song without any intervention from the band. What a remarkable thing to be a part of.

It made me realize the power of a brand and the power of the crowd. In business, what are you doing to build your brand? What are you doing to ensure that people talk about you or your product when you are not around? What are you doing to ensure that people are singing your songs without your help?

Think seriously about the power of the answers to these questions because they hold the key to continuing success and business growth, no matter what business you are in.

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