Understanding your competitive advantage

Too many companies these days do not focus enough attention on identifying what is their competitive advantage. This is a seemingly simple thing to do. Answer two questions: what do I do better than anyone else and why?

I know that my competitive advantage is to provide clients with the ability to increase their profits and transform their organization by aligning their processes, people and technology. The why, because I have unique experience in managing numerous transformations for companies in many different industries.

The purpose of the previous paragraph was not to be arrogant, but to show that you do not need fancy slogans or commercials to get across your value. Think about what you do better than your competitors and the value that brings to your customers. Then understand why you are able to do it better. Then talking with potential customers does not become a "sales job" because you are able to talk in language that they understand and they can identify what is in it for them.

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