US Government, as embarrassing as it gets?

Now that the talk of a US government shutdown is hopefully over as they work out a deal to keep the country running, let’s briefly dissect this.

This is a government where one party is trying to use the shutdown of government as leverage? Where one person can have the floor for 21 hours to tear down a program that is supposed to help people get better medical care? Where neither party is willing to give even an inch to compromise and realize how silly they both look?

Is this really what government has become? It’s like a bunch of kindergarten kids fighting over the building blocks. This experience, as a Canadian watching from the outside, is a joke. If you didn’t think before that politicians were clueless and self-absorbed, you now have undeniable proof. These people were talking to themselves. Did they really think the public was listening or cared? They were self-absorbed, delusional, and selfish. There’s no two ways about it.

Both parties should be embarrassed about this whole situation and everyone comes off looking terribly. No wonder some of our great minds don’t want to go into government. It’s a farce. I would love it if someone came forward and apologized to the general public. Like maybe the President. “Folks, I’m sorry about what we have become. This whole situation shows how out of touch with reality politicians have become and as commander-in-chief, I am going to do something about it. We should all be embarrassed about how this played out.”

I’ll hold my breath until that happens…..still holding.

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