We have always done it that way

One of my favourite lines to hear when I work with a client and we are talking about some of the operating processes is 'we have always done it that way.' My first response to that is always, 'great, then we have a lot of work to do.' By never changing the way that your company operates, you are repeating the same errors over and over and not taking advantage of new innovations in efficiency and technology. I guarantee that there are opportunities for increased productivity when critically reviewing a process that has not changed in years.

Find something in your business where 'we have always done it that way' would apply and challenge the assumptions and the activities that form the basis for that process. What value are the activities bringing? Are there other, more productive ways to achieve the same outcome? In some cases, you will find that the process is completely unnecessary. Don't be afraid to challenge accpeted norms within your operating processes as this will allow you to improve your business.

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