What are you doing to your customers? Part 2

Continuing along the track of inconveniencing customers for seemingly no reason, I recently sent out about 130 packages through Canada Post's courier service. Each package contained a one page letter and a copy of a guidebook I had written. Almost all of the packages were successfully delivered, except for one. I received a notice that there was a letter waiting for me at my local post office. I went to pick it up and lo and behold, one of my packages had not made it to its destination. This is not an abnormal occurence when sending that many packages, but what was strange about this one was that it had been rejected due to damage and the guidebook that was originally sent in the envelope was missing.

The package had cost me $10 to send and the guidebook about $6 to print, so not a big deal financially. I figured I would ask them to try and find the guidebook somewhere in the Canada Post machine and go along my merry way. When I went to take the returned envelope off of the counter, the clerk said "um, sir, you will need to pay $10 to take the envelope." Of course, I was shocked at the comment. "What do you mean I need to pay $10 to take the envelope?" He went on to explain that I needed to pay the fee for having the envelope shipped back to me, even though it never got delivered to its destination and they had lost the contents of the envelope. His advice, call the customer service department and get all of my money back. Just to summarize, I was now out a total of $26 and all I had to show for it was an empty, undelivered envelope and a lost piece of my intellectual property.

I called customer service almost a week ago and am still waiting for their judgment as they "review" my case. Are you kidding me? Review my case….what is to review? They did not deliver my package, which I paid for. They lost the contents of the package, which was mine. And they charged me to pick up an empty envelope. What is to reivew? Why does the clerk at the Post Office not have the authority to make this right and refund my money and find the book?

Think about a similar situation in your organization, a service that you provide is not fulfilled for a customer, and review how it would be handled. If it is anything like the above, you will not have customers for long.

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