What Can the World Learn From Healthcare?

As a consultant who helps many companies in the healthcare industry I believe that there are many of the solutions that are being developed that can apply to other industries. Here is my little secret on how.

Overall, I help companies improve profitability and performance and help them become more operationally efficient. This happens to be in high demand in the healthcare industry right now as organizations fight to do more with less. So we need to look at ideas and solutions that increase innovation and provide for better results while not working any harder. Resources are stretched and being asked to take on more work, budgets are being frozen or reduced, there is a shortage of skilled resources and organizations are trying to maximize return on investments and minimize costs and government involvement is increasing. Does this sound familiar? Of course it does because these challenges can apply to almost every other industry.

The healthcare industry has no choice but to innovate and no choice but to make improvements because of all of the funding constraints. But that means that there are some remarkable ideas and partnerships being developed that other industries can learn from.

Just to give you two examples of this: private sector companies are partnering with public sector organizations to fund redevelopment projects and healthcare providers are collaborating with supplies to develop new technologies to improve patient outcomes.

There is a lot we can learn from what is going on in healthcare right now. The question is are we open to that learning?

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