What can we learn from Tom Watson?

Seeing Tom Watson have an opportunity to be the oldest player to win a major golf tournament was inspiring if nothing else. Here is a 59 year-old playing against players 30 years younger who are bigger and stronger, and he almost pulled it out. It is inspiring because it shows that regardless of your age or your ability, you can always improve and you can always surprise yourself. It also shows us that nobody is perfect. Watson had an 8 foot putt to win the tournament, which would have been the 6th time that he would win this major alone, but he missed it. He then went on to have a disappointing playoff stretch of four holes and lost the tournament. No one is perfect.

Watson's story inspired me in that here was a man who was past his prime and yet he still had the skill, the drive and the determination to almost win a tough golf tournament against a very tough field. I bet if you asked him today, he would have some lessons that he took away from his loss yesterday. He learned something even though he has been golfing for more than 35 years and has had great success in his career. Never stop learning, never stop trying, and one day you just might surprise yourself with your success.

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