What Kind of Experience are You Creating?

Last week, I spent a wonderful three days at the Delano Beach Hotel in Miami. I had been there before, but never as a guest. It was like no hotel I have ever stayed in. Aside from the constantly bumping dance music in the background (that just forces you to shake your tailfeathers) that seemed to get louder as the day got on, the thing that struck me most was that I have never seen so many beautiful people work in one place. But they weren't just beautiful, they were friendly. These two traits don't always coexist. Whether it was the attractive staff who open the doors for you every time you walk in and out of the pool area, the lovely waitresses by the pool who take your drink orders, or the stunning beauties who supply you with towels at the pool, they were always smiling, warm and inviting. The room staff always left a fresh apple in my room and everyone was eager to please the guests.

What kind of experience are you creating for your customers? It was a pleasure walking through a hotel where not only are the staff nice to look at, but they are nice to be around. In one of the trendiest hotels in an area known for seemingly superficial values, I received one of the greatest customer experiences of my life. An environment that was warm and comforting, combined with leading edge and hip. It was something I will always remember and I will definitely be returning to the Delano. Hopefully sooner than later. Are customers saying that about the experience that they have with you? If not, what changes are you going to make?

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