What Should Yahoo Do?

As you have likely heard already, Yahoo got themselves in a little bit of hot water lately when it surfaced that their new CEO, Scott Thompson, lied about his university degree on his CV. He claimed to have a computer science degree from a school that didn't offer that degree until four years after he left. So what should Yahoo do?

This is only one of a series of bad decisions that the Yahoo board has made, showing that maybe they are not the right group to steer Yahoo back in the right direction. Sure, the board made a correctable error by not checking into Thompson's credentials, but the bigger issue is what to do with Thompson. He lied on his resume and admitted to it in a letter he sent to all Yahoo employees.

The issue isn't that Thompson lied about a degree, it is that he lied, period. I don't profess to know him, but does this say anything about his character? Does it mean he has lied about other things in his career? Does he lie to his staff? These are not irrelevant or far-fetched questions to ask.

Yahoo is clearly a company struggling to find itself and this takes them in the wrong direction. What would you do if you found out the person running your organization had lied in order to get the job?

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