What we can learn from a 3-year old

My son is three (almost four) years old and I am amazed each day what I can learn from him. Today I learned the art of listening. This morning, we were at my wife’s convocation (she graduated from Teacher’s College) and as the President of the university was speaking, I started to zone out. About every third word, my son would ask “what does that mean?” or “what did he say?” He was picking up every word so I was forced to listen to the speech. It ended up being a terrific speech. It was about how teachers are challenged today more than ever because of the diverse cultures and backgrounds of the students, the constant budgetary pressures schools face and the current lack of teaching positions as older teachers stay on past retirement.

I walked out feeling very proud of my wife for her accomplishment, feeling energized and inspired about how to be successful in today’s world, and dumbfounded that it took  a three-year old kid to open my eyes to all of this. You never know where your inspiration will come from, so take it all in and make every life situation an opportunity.

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