What we tell customers

A client of mine who is a service provider brought me in to work with them because employees who worked in the same department were telling customers conflicting pieces of information. This was problematic for two reasons: it was confusing for customers because they did not know what the right answer really was; and it caused the organization and its employees to lose credibility as a provider of expertise for its customers. We needed to get that credibility back and ensure customers were not only satisfied, but overjoyed with the level of service and advice they were getting.

Do you know what your employees are saying to customers? Is it consistent across the organization? Do they all follow the same processes when interacting with customers? It is imperative that your employees are showing a united front to your customers and providing them with the same information. It is unacceptable for different employees to give conflicting answers on the same questions.

Recently, I was trying to upgrade my data plan with our local cell phone provider, and in speaking with three different employees, I received recommendations for three different plans. Three different recommendations from employees in the same company for a cell phone plan? As a customer, what am I supposed to do with that information? There is no consistency, no expertise being given, no one taking the time out to really look at what I need as a customer. Know what your employees are saying to your customers and make sure it is valuable information and consistent information. If you call customer service three times and ask the same question, you should get the same answer. Can you say that about your organization? My guess is no….

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