What's with all of the political scandals?

There have been quite a few scandals lately in local and federal politics in Canada and it makes me wonder…..how do these people think they can get away with these things? Does being in the public eye create a perception of invincibility? I would have thought the opposite, that the more public your life became, the more careful and conscious you would be of your actions.

A couple of examples:

Adam Giambrone, chair of Toronto's public transit system and formerly a strong candidate for mayor of Toronto was found to have numerous mistresses while living with his girlfriend. He was proported to have used his civic office to host "meetings" with his mistresses. Do I really care that he had mistresses? Not really, but it does show a characteristic and lack of judgement that reduces my faith in his ability to run my city or my transit system. This is not a question about morals or ethics, it is a question of judgement. He knew his actions were wrong or he would not have apologized, yet he continued with them.

Rahim Jaffer, former federal MP and Chair of the Conservative caucus is being accused of using his wife's office (current MP Helena Guergis) to win federal government contracts. Not to mention that little incident where he was pulled over for drunk driving and was found to have used cocaine. Again, not an issue of morals or ethics. I don't care that he drove drunk, other than the safety risks that come with it. I care that he (and possibly his wife) showed poor judgement in making decisions.

One could compare this to the Tiger Woods situation and ask how can people who are so smart be so dumb? I believe the examples above are worse than the Tiger affair because these people are being paid by the people they represent. They were voted in by their constituents, and it is likely good judgement was one of the reasons people voted for them.

These politicians have let everyone down. They are in the public eye, are getting paid with taxpayer's money and using public resources, so they should be held to a higher standard. Not to mention the fact that these are the people we chose to run our cities and our country. I am not sure what else to say other than I hope these are anomalies and not the norm.

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