Will Google Take Over the World?

It seems that everything Google touches these days turns to gold. They epitomize what a successful company looks like. They wanted to dominate the search engine space, even though they were the third player in the market, and they did. They wanted to dominate the cell phone operating system market, again, even though they were late to the party, and their Android system is making huge inroads with consumers. They are the perfect example of a company that sets its' sights on something and goes after it relentlessly.

Now Google wants to take on price indicators and wind power. Take about a company looking towards global domination, they even have a chief economist! Google argues that the data that it can provide through trolling internet buying sites can provide up-to-the-minute data about what people are buying. The "Google Price Index" would not replace other common economic indicators, but would provide real-time data on online buying habits. That would be pretty valuable information considering the increase in online buying.

As for the wind power, Google is investing in technology that will use wind power to power residential homes. Why wind power you might ask? Why not? If we assume that Google wants to make the world a better place and make money at the same time (or at least make money), then wind power seems to be the right place to be. It is just amazing to me how many different influential businesses Google has become a part of, which leads me to the question "Will Google Take Over the World?"

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Google has also recently announced that they are developing a self-driving car. Chew on that for a while.

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