Working harder, not smarter? That doesn’t sound right.

I was recently reading a post by Jeff Gitomer on how to best the best in sales every day. He developed a list of 10 things to do.

A couple of the items on the list just don’t seem to make sense to me. He suggests waking up early because the early bird gets the worm and converting all of your TV watching time to study and preparation of your skills and development. The way I interpret these statements is that you need to work longer hours in order to be successful. I disagree with this premise. I think the ones who are best at what they do actually work less hours because they are more efficient and productive. They have figured out a way to achieve great results without tying those results to the number of hours they work.

Gitomer’s advice seems to be targeting sales people who are purely focused on volume. “The more calls I make, the more money I will make. It’s all about the percentages.” But that kind of selling is gone. It doesn’t work anymore. The most successful sales people only focus on the best opportunities and building strong relationships. People buy from people and organizations they know and trust.

Of course I agree that personal and professional development is important and one needs to build on their strengths. But the focus shouldn’t be about working longer hours or making as many calls as possible. It should be about developing the right relationships with the right people and focusing on the most profitable opportunities.

For those that are interested, here is the post that I was referring to Jeff Gitomer’s post.

Now, back to watching TV.

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