Working remotely is the new way of the world

While on vacation with my family, I helped a client solve a problem, I closed a deal with a new client, I kicked off a new client project, I helped a colleague with a client issue and I set up some meetings with prospective clients. So what's my point? That the world is becoming more remote, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Here are the benefits of increasing the amount of remote work you do:

  1. You are able to be more responsive to situations because you don't need to get people together in a room to resolve an issue
  2. You are accessible from wherever you are (assuming you have a cell phone)
  3. You are able to improve your work-life balance (because of #2)
  4. You are able to work with more clients or customers or colleagues on different initiatives
  5. You create a focus on results, not "face time" (this is especially important for people in my line of work)
  6. You become more productive because there is less travel time
  7. You improve your ability to analyze and resolve problems quickly

This is not to say that remote work should replace meeting with people face to face, but it should be done in conjunction with it. There are always situations where a face to face meeting is the best course of action. However, that is not as often as we generally believe, especially if there is already a relationship established. If problems can be resolved faster, then why not take advantage of it?

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