You need to thrive to survive

As I was reading an article in the Wall St Journal today, it gave me a "can it get any worse" moment. The article was about people purposely ditching their cars in the desert or sinking them in rivers, then reporting them stolen and collecting on the insurance. Is that what we have become?

Yes things are bad and yes people are suffering. But first we have people walking away from their homes and now people are walking away from their cars. Executives are hiring security guards and quitting their jobs because they cannot no longer take the public scrutiny. What kind of society are we living in? I am less concerned about making people pay for their sins as I am about looking for ways out of this mess.

The more I read about these types of events, the more opportunity I believe is out their for people to take advantage of. We need to stop thinking about how to survive and start thinking about how to thrive. Lots of industries are doing well, housing prices and mortgage rates are low, new cars are being given away… is the time to act! This is no time to feel sorry for ourselves, it is the time to stop being the armchair quarterback and do something.

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